Hello World

Welcome to the PERC blog! Why does a newspaper have a blog, you wonder? It’s simple: there’s so much amazing stuff going on locally and around the world that relates to our themes of Peace, the Environment and Social Justice that we just can’t fit it all into the paper.

Also, with quarterly publication, we have some limits about the timeline of events we feature in the physical paper, and it’s nice to have a way to feature things we just heard about, or to follow up on things we wrote about in previous editions of the Peace & Environment News.

The physical copies of the PEN are an important community outreach tool, especially among demographics that don’t have the inclination or the ability to access everything online, but we recognize that the Internet is increasingly a primary source of news and information for a growing segment of society.

The PERC blog is also a great way for us to form partnerships and meaningful relationships with other organizations working on similar issues. We already have agreements with Green Living Ottawa, Positive Planet, and Wild.Here. to share and guest post for each other, and we’re excited to get to know more great online voices.

If you have a suggestions for a blog topic, or are interested in volunteering as a guest blogger, get in touch: info@perc.ca!

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