Introducing Sea Change Canada

In the Fall 2017 Edition of the PEN, readers were introduced to Sea Change Canada, a new non-profit based in Ottawa working on Marine Conservation Issues.

Channel art from Sea Change Canada YouTube channel.
Explore with the director of Sea Change Canada at their YouTube Channel.

Ottawa, being a fairly inland city, might seem like an odd place for a Marine Conservation group, but in reality we are all connected to the ocean and it to us – our actions and decisions in Ottawa, in any land-locked city, directly impact the marine environment. Ottawa is also a good place to be located to keep the pulse of the political climate and network with other great environmental groups.

Read the Sea Change Canada article here: SeaChange

Sea Change was the grateful recipient of a Canada Summer Jobs grant which allowed for the hiring of two summer students, Xen (Jen) Xhing Guan and Clare Stone, who worked with the board executive to develop and begin implementing a communications plan, conduct research, and network on behalf of the organization at various events and functions.

Summer student Clare Stone attended a community picnic organized by the Hon. Catherine McKenna, where Sea Change shared a booth with Faith & the Common Good. Photo: Christelle Grondin.

Both the students had an abundance of great ideas for further projects that Sea Change or other local partners could undertake, including a “ditch the straw” campaign which local cafes were interested in. Alas, eight weeks is far too short a time to make everything happen, but Sea Change remains active and we’re excited to see what comes from this group next!

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