We’re Moving!

Have you heard? The Peace and Environment Resource Centre is moving for the first time in, well, ever really.

PERC is moving! What an adventure!

Since its beginnings, PERC has had a home on the 3rd floor of Logan-Vectna Hall, a community building on First Ave owned by St Giles Presbyterian Church. We came a long way in that space, and have shared it with many other diverse groups doing great work in our community.

Our humble home for the past few decades. Photo courtesy of Google Street View!

The building itself is old though, and the church decided, after much deliberation and exploring many options, that the best approach overall was simply to sell it. It’s been on the market as commercial space for several weeks, and on November 7th, the committee at St. Giles is meeting to go over proposals.

No one quite knows what will happen after that, but we’ll let you know when we do!

In the mean time, we’ve taken steps to secure a new home in the Alta Vista area, and begun clearing out the accumulated materials of some forty years of operation. Our Library Committee had already been downsizing the lending library to focus more on important, rare, and hard to find resources (with the expansion of resources at the Ottawa Public Library and increase in Internet accessibility, the PERC library became less and less used, and many of the items were never meant to last more than a few years and were beginning to turn into dust).

PERC would like to thank St. Giles Presbyterian Church for providing such a great home for some many years, and we wish you the best in the sale of the property. We hope you’ll stay in touch!

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