Dec 15: This Week In….

Renewable Energy

The City of Ottawa voted on it’s 2018 budget on Wednesday, Dec 13. One of the items in the budget was $500 000 for the Energy Evolution project, which was passed.

Many environmental groups were advocating for additional funding for this project, notably Ecology Ottawa, who expressed disappointment that despite finding an extra $10 million in the budget just before approval, the City decided not to allocate any of that extra money to Energy Evolution or any climate change or environmental initiatives. Read Ecology Ottawa’s statement here.

Obviously as a local ENGO, we’d have loved to see more funding towards Energy Evolution as well, but we’re excited to work with City staff to make sure Ottawa reaches its GHG reduction goals no matter what.

Sustainability – Reuse

What do you do with a broken toaster? Throw it away? NO WAY! You bring it to an Ottawa Tool Library repair cafe, like the one that took place on Saturday, Dec 9th, at Makerspace North in Hintonburg. Over 200 people brought items to repair or get advice on, ranging from pants in need of hemming to small appliances to blades in need of sharpening. Over seventy items were either completely or partially repaired, and participants received advice about where to pursue further repairs, or where to get materials that may have been missing in order to do a repair at the next cafe.


MP Yasir Naqvi made an appearance, and a good time was had by all the repair yasirvolunteers. Whether you’re interested in getting something fixed, helping keep items out of landfill by becoming a repair volunteer, or looking to learn a new skill, the Ottawa Tool Library can help you out. Their textile skills event & swap in partnership with Sustainable Eastern Ontario is coming up on January 29th.

Sustainable Lifestyles

We sometimes fear for our neighbours to the south, especially recently, but recent research by Sustainable Brands indicates reason for optimism. In their report “The Good Life” released this week, their data show a strong majority of Americans are concerned about environmental and social justice issues and are willing to “vote with their dollars” to support brands that help them make a difference. Encouraging both for a more sustainable economy and society in general. Read the report here.

Graphic highlighting some of the results from the Good Life report by Sustainable Brands.
Do you think these numbers would be higher or lower here in Canada? Why? Let us know in the comments.



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