Good Food Challenge @ Carleton University

Inspired by and developed with the Real Food Challenge in the United States, the ultimate goal of the Good Food Challenge is for the president of a university to sign the Good Food Campus Commitment. By signing the commitment, campuses commit to ensuring that, by 2025, at least 20% of their campus food will meet the standards established by the Good Food Calculator.

To encourage university presidents to sign the commitment, students mobilize and organize Good Food Campaigns. Meal Exchange supports student campaigners by helping them develop SMART goals to track their progress.

Students at Carleton University are taking the campaign to the next level by partnering with Farm to Cafeteria Canada on the national Canada Digs In! initiative. Canada Digs In! is designed to use a Farm to Campus approach to support efforts to shift campus food procurement – bringing healthy, local, and sustainable food from the farm, to the campus, to student’s plates across the country, as well as strengthening student engagement with healthy food. Learn more here.

Meal Exchange fosters student pride in their campuses, and offers a national platform to celebrate successes growing the movement for transparency in the supply chain and procuring food that is good for people, communities, and the planet.


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