Celebrate Earth Day & Sustainable Living at the 2018 Old Home Earth Day Event

By: Susanna Kam
In celebration of Earth Day, the Glebe Community Association Environment Committee, in partnership with SmartNET Alliance, the Peace and Environment Resource Centre, Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op (OREC) and Bullfrog Power will be hosting its second Old HomeEarth Day Event (OHEDE) on Saturday April 21, 2018 at the Glebe Community Centre.
This year’s event is aimed at providing participants with practical ideas on how they
can take the next step in reducing their energy consumption, particularly in older homes. As such, the event program for OHEDE 2018 has been designed to lay out the “steps to sustainability,” which will guide participants through a journey on how to get started about thinking of ways we can take steps to use less energy, increase energy efficiency and change the type of energy we use.
The event will kick-off with a carbon challenge, which will demonstrate how an individual’s carbon footprint can be measured. This will lead into a panel discussion which will provide an overview of typical home energy usage and explain where our energy consumption goes. In understanding how use energy, presenters will also discuss various options available to address performance issues and the economics behind it all.
Next, to assist participants decide how to go make changes, the event will also provide a primer on the various energy efficiency programs available to resident in Ottawa and information from certified professionals on how to plan a renovation. Specifically, improving your home’s energy efficiency starts from the ground up, with basements, walls and attics to address air leakage and heat loss across the building envelope.

Additionally, there will be discussions on topics such as window replacement options and best practices for installation and home ventilation. The event will also feature a presentation on the design of energy systems – knowing your loads, equipment options that are available such as efficient natural gas solutions and heats pumps as the next big step to living lighter.

With various options available, there will also be a discussion to help answer questions about what you need to know in considering the adoption of renewable energy systems.
Sustainable living includes considerations not only with regards to energy and carbon use in the home, but in other aspects of life, such as transportation, diet, goods and travel. Accordingly, this year’s event will also feature a broader range of discussions on the various transportation options available with respect to gas or electric cars and biking in the city, local food sources, reduction of waste in packaging and DIY options for reuse and repair. Last but not least, participants at OHEDE 2018 will have access to the numerous local businesses and exhibitors throughout the day, who can provide additional information on how to reduce your energy consumption and live lightly.
OHEDE 2018 will take place from 10am-4pm on Saturday April 21, 2018 at the Glebe
Community Centre (175 Third Avenue). The event is all ages and free for everyone to attend.

For more information visit http://www.ohede.ca or contact: glebeoldhomes@gmail.com. Come to learn and share ideas on how to reduce your carbon footprint!
Susanna Kam is a member of the organizing committee of the Old Home Earth Day Event and the GCA Environment Committee.


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