Putting Carbon Policy to the Test

New online tool allows anyone to forecast the effects of government action on emissions. Reprinted from The Pembina Institute.

What would your climate policy look like if you were in charge? Canada’s Energy Policy Simulator  (EPS) is the first tool that allows anyone to see exactly how policy ideas affect total carbon and emissions output in the country.

From carbon pricing to mass transit to building efficiency, the tool allows users to gain a much deeper understanding of specific action Canada does or could take to achieve decarbonization and meet international climate commitments.Quote box reading: Canada's Energy Policy simulator allows you to see the result of a combination of up 50 policies, set to user-specified levels, allowing for near-infinite combinations."

The peer-reviewed EPS tool was developed by the Pembina Institute in collaboration with Energy Innovation. It is based on non-partisan, published data from government entities and other credible sources. Its development and free availability to everyone is part of the Pembina Institute’s ongoing effort to improve Canadians’ capacity — including civil society and the media — to understand how climate and energy policies can be designed to meet Canada’s emissions reduction targets. This helps Canadians to have informed opinions on policy proposals put forward by governments.



You can explore Canada’s Energy Policy Simulator here: http://connect.pembina.org/e/358671/2018-03-27/2tdpm/38949542 or register for a webinar!


What is the power of Canada’s Energy Policy Simulator? What can it teach us and how does it work? Please join us in this free public webinar to learn from the simulator’s creators how and why it was developed, and how to use it to understand existing policies and imagine potentially better ones.

WhenApril 5, 1:00 MST

Register herehttp://connect.pembina.org/e/358671/register-9099857688224804099/2tdp3/38949542

Landing page of the Energy Policy Similator.

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