This Week In….May 4, 2018


The House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defense is currently conducting a study on Canada’s Contributions to International Peacekeeping.
Walter Dorn, president of the Canadian chapter of the World Federalist Movement, made

women in millitary garb and UN peacekeeper berrets patrol streets in lebanon
Members of Lebanon’s first all-female peacekeeper foot patrol, Dec 2017. Canada currently only has three female peacekeepers stationed overseas.

a presentation to the committee on April 26th, entitled “Back in the Game”,  which included several recommendations such as supporting prevention activities, involving more female peacekeepers, and making Canadian leaders available to the UN in specific areas.

Read the whole report here:          English      Francais


Sustainable Transportation

May is Bike to Work Month in Ottawa – this popular initiative run by EnviroCentre encourages commuters to try – and stick with – cycling to work by offering prizes and incentives. You can join until the end of May, but with a prize-a-day giveaway, you’ll have more chances to win if you sign up now and log your rides as you go! As of April 30, there were over 180 teams and 2000 individuals signed up to participate, an amazing increase over last year.

biketowork_logored_en_0“Passenger vehicles are the largest contributor to GHGs in Ontario. Through the Bike to WorkMonth campaign and the support of progressive employers, EnviroCentre can make real, long term change to commuter habits in Ottawa. We have encouraged over 2000 new cycle commuters through the Bike to Work Month Campaign!”  – Jennifer Stelzer, EnviroCentre

To sign up, find out more, and enjoy a happier commute, visit the Bike to Work Month page. Don’t forget to tag your social media posts with #ottbike when talking about this fun initiative!


Climate Change Events

Ecology OttawaGreen Screen Ottawa and Sandy Hill CHC / CSC Côte-de-sable, along with partner organizations, are coordinating a free film screening of Sundance Festival film “Anote’s Ark” on May 9th at 7:30PM at the Bytowne Cinema, followed by a panel discussion about climate change.

Panelists will speak to their own experience with environmental organizing and strive to connect the struggle of the indigenous people in the film with actions we can take here in Canada. The event is free, but registration is required: visit the Eventbrite page for more details and to sign up.






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