Herongate Tenants Deliver Dozens of Work Orders to Timbercreek Office

by Ottawa ACORN

The gentrification issues plaguing the Herongate community were discussed in our current issue of the PEN, especially in relation to transportation development. This press release from Ottawa ACORN highlights some recent actions residents are taking to keep their homes.

Tenants demand repairs be made to their homes and the evictions be cancelled

OTTAWA, Ontario, August 3, 2018 — Tenants facing eviction by their corporate landlord, Timbercreek Asset Management,  filed dozens of work orders this Thursday, August 2nd at 12:00pm. Tenants are demanding repairs be made to their homes and the evictions be cancelled.

From May to July, 2018 the Herongate Tenant Coalition collected and documented numerous maintenance issues throughout the parcel of land currently slated for demolition as well as the greater Timbercreek Herongate property. Photos and videos were taken of disrepair and neglect of the units. Several tenants filled out new work orders for problems which they had already notified Timbercreek about over a year ago.

The Herongate Tenant Coalition and supporters met beside Timbercreek’s outdoor pool on Sandalwood Drive (behind and in between the Baycrest apartment buildings) at noon on Thursday, August 2nd at noon and walked together to Timbercreek’s office at 2870 Cedarwood Drive to hand deliver the work orders and demand receipt.

The Herongate Tenant Coalition will follow up with Timbercreek’s Director of Operations, John Loubser, and Property Manager, Paul Boutros, to ensure these maintenance requests are being fulfilled. City of Ottawa Bylaw will be contacted to make sure Timbercreek fulfills these orders.

Leaks, mould, holes. . . . . some examples of repairs Herongate tenants have been asking for, and which they delivered work orders for today. Timbercreek staff indicated to tenants that repairs would start promptly.

About Herongate Tenant Coalition:

Herongate Tenant Coalition was formed to build power, strength and solidarity amongst working class people in the Herongate neighbourhood of south Ottawa. It exists now in this moment of crisis so we can have each other’s backs, care for each other and defend our neighbourhood from development, speculative and political forces that want us out of here. HTC is organized and run entirely by the working class people of Herongate. Follow them on Twitter for real-time updates: @herongatetc

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