Recommendations for Budget 2019 from GBC

Last week the Green Budget Coalition (GBC), which includes groups such as Sierra Club Canada Foundation, David Suzuki Foundation, CPAWS, Pembina Institute and WWF Canada, released it’s recommendations for the Canadian 2019 Federal Budget.

The cover of the Green Budget Coalition recommendations for 2019, featuring images of food, water, forests, and air pollution.GBC has been active since 1999 and releases recommendations based on rigorous analysis by experts from a number of groups for the federal budget every year. Their ideas are are inter-related and synergistic, and definitely worth a read. This year, there are five areas of focus: tackling toxics and pesticides, phasing out subsidies and non-tax support for fossil fuels, delivering on commitments to sustainable agriculture, freshwater protection deliverables, and Conserving the Biodiversity and Health of our Oceans. There are particularly strong linkages between the toxics and pesticides, agriculture and freshwater recommendations.

Read the executive summary or download the full report here. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments or by writing to

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