Errata and Miscellaneous Comments

We goofed!


Every now and then, we make a mistake. We don’t ask for the right information, or don’t interpret it correctly when it’s given to us. We try our best, but with limited time and resources, sometimes human error wins out. We do, as always, welcome constructive feedback and corrections at

The Winter 2019 issue of the PEN had a couple errors, which have been corrected in the online version. We tried to catch it before it went to press, but it was too late in the printing process to make the change by the time we noticed. Our deepest apologies to writers and volunteers who spent time and effort creating the pieces that were affected – it wasn’t you, it was us!

Sometimes we run into other issues producing the PEN: we get too much content, or content that has some conceptual issues, or it isn’t clear who to credit, etc. We try to sort this out, but sometimes things get cut, and sometimes things just fall through the cracks. We try to use this content in future editions of the PEN if appropriate, and/or publish it here on the blog.

In that spirit, you’ll soon see articles about Beau’s Brewery, B Corps and specifically one here in Ottawa, issues related to articles that were in the PEN but had to be cut for space, and things that just weren’t quite ready to go by the time the paper filled up and went out to press.

We would like to apologize specifically to TJ Turenne and Melanie Anderson of Tucker House for errors in pieces they created, and to Beau’s Brewery, and Open Concept Consulting for not squeezing your features in – they were excellent pieces!

Thanks for your understanding as we go about producing this volunteer-led paper – we’re open to suggestions for how to improve!

We meant for this to go in the Winter 2019 PEN Insider, but ran out of space.

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