New Solution for Businesses to Fight Climate Change

This post is based on a media release from EnviroCentre.

Contact: Angela Plant, EnviroCentre. Tel: 613-894-0157, Email:


New turn key solution for local businesses to fight climate change – CoEnergy and EnviroCentre join forces!

CoEnergy is a newly launched co-operative, building on the success of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op’s 8 years of community financed solar energy projects. CoEnergy is currently in the midst of its first community offering where anyone can invest in these projects.
EnviroCentre is a local non-profit whose mission is to provide people, communities and organizations with practical solutions to lighten their environmental impact in lasting ways. You can find out more about our Carbon 613 program here: .

▪ CoEnergy, inspired by the success of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Coop,
launches it’s new community finance model to fund clean energy projects.
▪ EnviroCentre’s Carbon 613 network’s newest member, the RA Centre, shares their
journey to green their building with CoEnergy.
▪ Breakfast event on February 6th, from 7:30-9 am (registration required)

On Wednesday, February 6th, CoEnergy and EnviroCentre’s Carbon 613 program bring together local business to discuss how to balance cost-savings with environmental impact.


“Energy costs are high and although retrofitting your facility reduces long-term costs, businesses often lack the capital to invest in major retrofits. But these retrofits also have major environmental benefits. Buildings account for 49% of Ottawa’s carbon pollution and concrete clean energy projects like CoEnergy are exactly the type of financing options needed in Ottawa to help the private sector tackle energy use and emissions.”                             – Sharon Coward, Executive Director, EnviroCentre

Businesses and institutions are increasingly making the link between their operational footprint and growing environmental concerns. On February 6th, the RA Centre will become the newest member of Carbon 613, EnviroCentre’s voluntary target-setting initiative in which organizations commit to track and reduce their energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. As of January 30th, 31 organizations in Ottawa have made public commitments to set greenhouse gas reduction targets through Carbon 613 including members like Hydro Ottawa, IKEA Ottawa and Your Credit Union.

Carbon 613 helps local organizations make the business case for sustainability and sees CoEnergy as an exciting new tool. CoEnergy offers fully-financed energy efficiency and renewable energy projects with the aim of expanding the adoption of low carbon energy technologies and services locally.

To Regsiter for this Event:


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