CPJ Cross Canada Election Tour: Ottawa

Cross-post from our friends at Citizens for Public Justice.

The 2019 federal election presents a fresh opportunity for people across Canada to shape the kind of country we want to be. As we prepare to cast our votes, it’s essential we consider the collective interests of fellow citizens and non-citizens, as well as those beyond our nation’s borders.

Coupled with the privilege of exercising our democratic rights is a duty to care for others. At Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), we believe this is a responsibility particularly for people of faith, who are called to love those around us. We view public justice as the “political dimension of loving our neighbour.”

We hope that in this time of increased division, voters will continue to keep in mind the common good. Through informed and thoughtful political engagement, we will help to define the Canada of tomorrow.

To help Canadian learn about the important issues in the 2019 election and cast informed votes, CPJ has prepared a 2019 Election Bulletin, which can be downloaded free here (https://cpj.ca/2019-federal-election/). Physical copies can also be requested online. CPJ is also holding a series of events across the country under the theme of “Shaping a Just Canada”. Each stop of the fall tour will involve an address by our new

Willard Metzger
Willard Metzger is the new ED of CPJ

Executive Director, Willard Metzger. Willard will introduce himself to those in attendance and provide an overview of CPJ’s work over the past fifty years, as well as present his vision for where he hopes to lead the organization in the coming years. This will be followed by an in-depth policy discussion, drawing on the information in the election bulletin and led by members of our policy staff, and focusing primarily on the topics of democratic participation, poverty in Canada, ecological justice, and refugee rights. A Q&A session will follow, where members of the audience will be encouraged to engage with CPJ staff on questions related to the upcoming federal election.

The Ottawa event will take place on October 8th from 7-9:30PM at St Josephs Catholic Church on 174 Wilbrod St, and will serve to wrap up the tour and relay some of the common threads/policy priorities that we hear from participants across Canada. CPJ will also be using the opportunity to generate interest for what we hope will be the launch of local CPJ chapters in major cities across Canada beginning in early 2020, and generate new members for the organization.


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