Fall 2019 PENs Are Out!

The Fall 2019 Edition of the Peace & Environment News comes out today!

If you subscribe, look for it soon in your mailbox. If you pick it up at the library or community centre, watch the newstands there! If you can’t wait, read it online here.

In this edition:

  • Just what is this Ottawa Energy Collective Impact stuff people in the non-profit sector keep talking about?
  • Fall gardening tips for helping native pollinators.
  • LC3: What does that stand for? What does it mean for Ottawa? (Hint – it means $22 million in federal funding!)
  • Green buildings! We’re going to get them, all over Ottawa! Find out how!
  • Looking for participants in a sustainable living documentary!
  • What’s up with that Canada Goose in the featured image for this blog post?

If you would like to support PERC and receive the PEN in the mail, visit our Donate page to subscribe (and get a charitable tax receipt). If you’re able to help distribute the PEN (perhaps to your local coffee shop, doctor’s office, school or place of worship), please email info@perc.ca for more details.

Catherine McKenna announcing funding for Ottawa as part of LC3 – read all about it in the current PEN!

Want to read about something in the PEN? Have a favourite issue you feel isn’t getting enough attention? Know a great local project more people should know about? We’re happy to publish your pieces on these topics, or put you in touch with a volunteer writer to help you get the story out! Email pen-editor@perc.ca


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