This post is from Aliments Farmhouse Food, who are all set to deliver their first offering, the Harvest Box, next month!

This fall, six small ecological farms from the Ottawa-Gatineau region have partnered on a new initiative to connect urban eaters with more local food. The collective, named Aliments Farmhouse Food, includes Beetbox Farm, Bluegrass Farm, Grazing Days, Juniper Farm, Milkhouse Farm & Dairy, and Rooted Oak Farm.

When asked where the idea for this collective came from, Leela Ramachandran of Bluegrass Farm highlighted that “collective marketing of products from many local farms makes life easier for both producers and consumers. I know that people buying our salad greens will also be looking for local cheeses, ferments, vegetables and meats. I’m happy to make all of these available for my customers, and to share the administrative workload of the sales with other local farmers.

Bluegrass Farm Garlic

The food landscape today is peppered with food boxes. According to David Mazur-Goulet of BeetBox Farm, what sets Farmhouse Food’s Harvest Box apart from others is that “We are truly farm-to-table: the farmers growing your food also run the collective, manage production and sales, and bring the food to you in person. Everything in the box is grown within 100 km of Ottawa-Gatineau, adheres to rigorous ecological and ethical standards, and is source-identified for transparency.

The Collective, which will have ongoing local food offerings for the Ottawa-Gatineau community, is gearing up for its first Harvest Box, which will contain meat, cheese, produce and value-added items. The Harvest Box will be delivered by the six member farms to a central pick-up event and can be ordered through Aliments Farmhouse Food’s website ( ). They will be ready for pick up on Saturday, November 23rd, from 3pm to 7pm at a party taking place for the occasion at Dominion City Brewing.

For more information please contact:

Leela Ramachandran, English media contact: Phone – 343-542-1978, Email –

David Mazur-Goulet, French media contact: Phone – 819-598-6325, Email –

BeetBox Vegetables 2

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