Giving Tuesday: Dec 3, 2019

by Linda McIntyre

Why consider donating to PERC on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 3?
Eastern Ontario’s Peace and Environment Resource Centre (PERC) empowers
the public on peace, environmental, and social justice issues, encouraging
community involvement. PERC emphasizes local activities in the Ottawa and
valley area. We are an outlet for Ottawa area non-profits and place-based
community groups to communicate with the public and find solutions to
environmental and social problems. Our resource centre provides environmental,
peace, and social justice publications and multimedia resources to the public.
PERC is primarily a volunteer-run, grassroots organization with a Board of
Directors to govern its operations. PERC has a long-standing history in our
community since 1984.Several copies of the Peace and Environment News stacked in a decorative fashion.
Our anchor publication, the Peace and Environment News (PEN) is an alternative local newspaper that address Peace and Environment issues and is published four times a year. Themes of past issues include Sustainable Transportation; Animals & Wildlife Conservation; Celebrating Sustainability; and Sustain Your Community. Local groups can also submit articles and place free ads for meetings or events, and we take ads for local ethical and sustainable businesses as well.
PEN is distributed through local libraries, community centres, local businesses, and gathering places by our team of volunteers and is available FREE. Members receive the PEN mailed directly to their homes in exchange for their generous support – which also comes with a tax receipt as PERC is registered charity! (Donate here!)
Our website aims to provide a portal to Ottawa’s environmental
sector, featuring highlights and archives of the PEN, multimedia components, an
online resource library of environmental materials, a directory of links to local
groups and resources. We also partner with local groups and individuals to put on “PERCshops” on specific topics.

Your donation on Giving Tuesday helps make more of these activities possible, and helps support the great community of caring people in and around Ottawa to do good work, better. Below is a list of possible PERCshop topics we’re considering for 2020 – let us know what you think, or suggest your own ideas, in the comments!

– Small Kitchen Gardening
– Footprint Conscious Shopping
– What happens w/ Recycling
– How to Compost
– What makes green/blue/black bin contents “contaminated”
– How the oil & gas industries are pulling our strings
– Things to know when replacing windows/roofs/buying a generator/etc
– Footprints of electric cars & car battery recycling
– environmentally friendly eating
– Eco funerals
– Being bird/bee/pollinator friendly
– How to be a healthy vegetarian
– Learn to Mend
– Swap events
– Writing & Communications Workshops
– Basic photography skills
2Linda Brockville, LindaLinda is a mother of seven and grandmother of eight, and a retired midwife and lactation consultant. She has been interested in environmental and peace issues since the 1960’s, and joined the PERC board in 2019. She enjoys sharing her life journey with gardening, sustainability, cooking, simple living, etc. on her blog, Grammomsblog. She lives on the shore of the Rideau River near Kemptville.

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