Functional and Architectural Solar Technology

Throughout high school and beyond, Roderick helped out at his dad’s small home building business. He would participate in the building process of between five and seven homes a year, where he learned skills in trades, contracting, and dealing with customers. Roderick then completed a University degree in Chemistry and subsequently

The solar panel look isn’t for everyone.

 worked as a researcher in various disciplines. Later in life, he and his wife decided to install a solar system on their home. They were immediately put off by the industrial aesthetic of the solar panels that would not be attractive at their residential home. To pay a high fee of installing a solar panel that they did not like the appearance of deterred them from making the purchase.

They were two people who wanted a solar panel but felt the options available were not sufficient, and so they chose not to settle there. Roderick’s wife encouraged him to gather his collective skills (i.e., builder, chemist, researcher, and contractor) and discover if it was possible to disrupt the market of the traditional solar panel model. His goal was to determine: is it possible to create a revolutionized solar technology that is aesthetically pleasing to residential homes, affordable, and more productive. The key trends in the market that Roderick noticed complicated buying solar panels included urban densification, non-affordable installation, and complicated warranties.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Roderick is on the brink of providing the residential market a much needed solar solution. He established from the ground up a product designed to mitigate all existing pains and offer a user-friendly, accessible, and attractive solar panel the “SparClad.”  

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 11.17.00 AM
Modern products like SparClad are complementary to modern architectural styles and result in energy savings.

SparClad is an entirely new model of experiencing solar energy. This photovoltaic panel replaces standard siding panels and is easily installed on the sides of homes rather than on the roofs. SparClad appearance is modern and discretely offers residential units a solar look while maintaining their natural integrity. 

Over the past several years, due to increasing urban densification, the residential market segment’s needs to acquire solar panels have not been met. This segment has homes developed on smaller land footprints and, as a result, most often have more wall space than roof space, and additionally, have many building codes to comply with that do not always allow for solar panels on roofs.  Strategically, Roderick designed his panel to meet the needs of consumers that are increasingly accommodating the effects of urban densification. The solution was to install the solar panel on a more convenient location on the home to make use of the available surface space, ease the installation process, and avoid building code conflicts. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 11.17.08 AM
SparClad installations can be integrated with other building products to create a unique character for modern high-efficiency net-zero homes.

Additionally, there has been a deterrent that solar panels are expensive and not accessible. In an attempt to alleviate this stress, the price of traditional panels was lowered. However, the problem remains as their large size and technical roof installments require high labor and installment fees that continue to increase, resulting in overall unaffordable product acquisition. Roderick has created the most affordable renewable energy panel facilitating an essential local product for the Paris Climate Accord, where all homes are net zero by 2030. Roderick’s contracting background tactically allowed for the SparClad’s design to be quick and effective for contractors to install drastically, reducing labor and installment fees in comparison to traditional models. On average, Hydro Ottawa clients use 722 KW energy/month; this translates to 310 square feet of SparClad siding installed on the surface of 1 wall; however, the square footage varies to be appropriate to each house size but the labor required is significantly less than traditional panels. Each panel can be held in one hand compared to needing 3 laborers to carry a traditional one. 

Additionally, he would ensure a competitive payback period and return on investment compared to existing technologies by changing the materials used in the product. The SparClad incorporates a combination of unique patented materials that outperform the traditional glass and metal models. SparClad allows you to save 400% more c02 than conventional models. 

The materials perform two primary advancements from traditional panels that include being more resilient and safe. The materials offer protection and isolation from shock and damage, and they and so are more productive and secure. The surface material bends sunlight to optimize light intensity towards solar cells to produce electricity and reflect light more productively. The panel also works in reverse to disperse light to large areas to reduce shine and not cause disruption to homeowners or guests while in the yard. They also prevent accidental discharge, so even if a panel is cut, it is not possible to be electrocuted; it is additionally safe in the event of floods and fires. 

Changing the materials has allowed for a more convenient warranty model that follows the life cycle of the product. Certified contractors install the solar siding to assure proper installation and to honor the warranty. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 11.16.46 AM
Existing homes can be attractively upgraded resulting in energy self-sufficiency while reducing the carbon footprint.

SparClad is a universal architectural solar product that can be implemented in the development plan of new homes, or that can revamp existing homes by replacing the existing siding on set square footage. Roderick set out on a mission to discover what was possible in the solar industry and is now the leading patent developer in the field. Vertical solar installations are a disruption to the market and do not exist elsewhere; they make solar panels more accessible and more powerful. SparClad is a cost-effective solution to participating in renewable energy technology that will allow you to “attain net zero in style!”



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