EnviroCentre Launches New Resource

EnviroCentre is pleased to announce that it has just launched MyGREENLifestyle.ca,  a new online learning platform for folks going green.  It’s their new response to folks in our community who have said “I want to take action on climate, but I’m not sure where to start.”


The site features free daily Green Lifestyle Tips, and a selection of pay-what-you-can Intro Green Lifestyle (19)online courses, designed to meet folks where they are, and answer some of the regular questions asked of the group and its staff.  To begin with, there is a core roster of three courses, and they plan to add courses every month to expand the resource.  Today, visitors will see a list of current and “coming soon” courses, to give a sense of where things are going.

EnviroCentreOne of the big limitations to the success of climate initiatives is public awareness,” says EnviroCentre Executive Director Sharon Coward (left – top right corner).  “Folks want to take action, but sometimes they don’t understand which actions have the biggest impact, why their actions are important, or how they can influence the bigger picture.  There are many great solutions available to the climate problem, but they will not work unless people choose them, engage, take action.

We’re trying to respond to this need by providing a fun and inspiring format through which to learn about effective climate action.  The idea is to make the learning easy, convenient, inexpensive, and flexible, and to raise awareness around all the great work that is happening out there and, of course, how to take action in your own life.

As the site evolves, we are looking forward to adding additional community content, SharonQuote2including an online community chat group that will ultimately link to actual, real-life events in our community and across Canada.  We welcome your suggestions and contributions to the site as we build it into a full-fledge tool to support climate action.  If you have a course you’d like to contribute, or an event or initiative you’d like us to share please let us know.

Engage Today: sign up for free daily Green Tips, or to get a sense of the course format with the featured sampler course.  Use coupon code:  GREENBITE to register free of charge!

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