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Fall 2017 Insider: Faith & the Common Good

About the PEN

The PEN is a free community newspaper that has been published by the Peace and Environment Resource Centre (PERC) since 1984. It often contains the Insider, a special insert produced in partnership with one or more local non-profits whose mandates align with our own.

The mandate of the PEN is to provide information on local peace, environment, and social justice issues. Although these may be national or international in scope, we focus primarily on the actions and events of local organizations.

Currently the PEN is published quarterly. Expanded online content is intended to increase coverage and provide timely information in a less resource-intensive manner.

Our Editor, KJ Norman, can be contacted at or by leaving a message at 613- 230-4590.


We’re always looking for more writers, editors, photographers and other contributors. If you have an issue you would like us to cover get in touch – we can help you prepare an article, or match you up with a volunteer who can help with the actual writing.

Article lengths vary from around 400- 1500 words. Articles should be easy to read, factual (provide references to specific claims if needed), and end with a positive tone or call to action. Please submit images separately, with caption and photo credit.

Visit our Volunteer page to learn more.

Upcoming Themes

Winter 2018: Celebrating Sustainability (partner Sustainable Eastern Ontario)

Spring 2018: Post Secondary Talent for Good (partner Ottawa Eco Talent Network)

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