This Week In…..

Invasive Species Management Lanark County decides to support continued action against “Canada’s Worst Invasive Plant“,¬†Phragmites australis. This tall grass spreads rapidly, forms dense monocultures, reduces biodiversity and is a serious threat to many ecosystems. Read more here. Climate Change COP 23 wrapped up in Bonn, Germany on Saturday (the conference was organized by Fiji, but hosted by Germany for practical reasons). There was strong interest … Continue reading This Week In…..

Introducing Sea Change Canada

In the Fall 2017 Edition of the PEN, readers were introduced to Sea Change Canada, a new non-profit based in Ottawa working on Marine Conservation Issues. Ottawa, being a fairly inland city, might seem like an odd place for a Marine Conservation group, but in reality we are all connected to the ocean and it to us – our actions and decisions in Ottawa, in … Continue reading Introducing Sea Change Canada