Climate Anxiety & Ecological Grief

PERC supporters have probably heard the term “climate anxiety” before, and likely even experienced some themselves. Realizing that the world is likely going to be a very different place in the future than it was in the past, facing the loss of species we feel fond of, places we’re nostalgic about, or contemplating the climate-change related hardships faced by people around the globe isn’t fun, … Continue reading Climate Anxiety & Ecological Grief

The Subtle Art of Being Wrong

by The Skeptical Hippie This piece appeared as part of a regular column in the Fall 2019 Edition of the PEN You are wrong. It’s not a pleasant thing to hear (or read), is it? You probably feel a bit taken aback. Hey now, Skeptical Hippie, you may be thinking. You don’t know me. Just what gives you the right to tell me I’m wrong? … Continue reading The Subtle Art of Being Wrong