Climate Anxiety & Ecological Grief

PERC supporters have probably heard the term “climate anxiety” before, and likely even experienced some themselves. Realizing that the world is likely going to be a very different place in the future than it was in the past, facing the loss of species we feel fond of, places we’re nostalgic about, or contemplating the climate-change related hardships faced by people around the globe isn’t fun, … Continue reading Climate Anxiety & Ecological Grief

CPJ Cross Canada Election Tour: Ottawa

Cross-post from our friends at Citizens for Public Justice. The 2019 federal election presents a fresh opportunity for people across Canada to shape the kind of country we want to be. As we prepare to cast our votes, it’s essential we consider the collective interests of fellow citizens and non-citizens, as well as those beyond our nation’s borders. Coupled with the privilege of exercising our … Continue reading CPJ Cross Canada Election Tour: Ottawa

Nature: How the Outdoors Impacts your Mind

by Seetal Dhaliwal I wrote this poem while I was on a trip in Banff National Park. The entire time, I was surrounded by trees, mountains and breathtaking views. I was blown away by nature’s beauty and how it gave me a sense of calmness. When I came back to Ottawa, I felt so relieved and ready to face any challenges. It’s interesting how one … Continue reading Nature: How the Outdoors Impacts your Mind

Regeneration Works logo on background of blue sky framed by church steeple and treetops.

Regeneration Works – Places of Faith

By Andrew Hurrell – Advisor, Faith & the Common Good  This article is expanded content of the Fall 2017 PEN Insider, produced in partnership with Faith & the Common Good. Regeneration Works – Places of Faith is a social enterprise created in partnership between Faith & the Common Good and the National Trust of Canada.  It was created to increase the dialogue, build a learning … Continue reading Regeneration Works – Places of Faith