Youth Actions for Greater Sustainability

by Brianna Yeung  The climate is changing everyday and there’s only so few things that citizens can do about it. This goes for teens as well.  Teens spread awareness by communicating. They use posts from social media or talk about the horrible impacts we are having on our environment. They try to use influence to get people to make a tiny change in their lives … Continue reading Youth Actions for Greater Sustainability

EnviroCentre Launches New Resource

EnviroCentre is pleased to announce that it has just launched,  a new online learning platform for folks going green.  It’s their new response to folks in our community who have said “I want to take action on climate, but I’m not sure where to start.” The site features free daily Green Lifestyle Tips, and a selection of pay-what-you-can online courses, designed to meet folks … Continue reading EnviroCentre Launches New Resource