Nov 17, 2017: This Week In….

Happy Friday, and welcome to what we hope will become a semi-regular feature here on the PERC blog. This Week In….¬†aims to bring attention to important and interesting stories from the Ottawa area and around the world. The focus will be on stories you might not encounter in the mainstream media, and will be a mix of local and international news with the usual PERC … Continue reading Nov 17, 2017: This Week In….

Introducing Sea Change Canada

In the Fall 2017 Edition of the PEN, readers were introduced to Sea Change Canada, a new non-profit based in Ottawa working on Marine Conservation Issues. Ottawa, being a fairly inland city, might seem like an odd place for a Marine Conservation group, but in reality we are all connected to the ocean and it to us – our actions and decisions in Ottawa, in … Continue reading Introducing Sea Change Canada