Interested in contributing to peace, environment and social justice initiatives within the Ottawa area? PERC provides numerous opportunities for volunteering! Check out some examples of volunteer positions below, or contact us to discuss a self-directed project on a topic you’re passionate about.

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Reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@perc.ca, fill out the form above, or leave a message at 613 604-2759 to get started!

Writers & Photographers

Description:  Contribute articles and/or photos on environmental, peace, or social justice issues for the electronic newsletter or the print publication of the PEN (Peace & Environment News) Combine this with Roving Reporters: see below.

Time Commitment: 2-5 hours a month

Electronic Journalism

Description: Create or gather, edit, and submit multimedia or social media contributions such as podcasts, blogs, photos, videos, and/or written articles to the PERC website and/or E-PEN newsletter. (May be combined with Roving Reporters.)

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a week

PERC Roving Reporters and Reps

Description: Go to various community events (river cleanups, tree plantings) to gather pictures, videos, interviews, etc for the PEN, E-PEN, and/or website.  This is also an opportunity to tell people about the PERC, ask people to sign up for the E-PEN, recruit volunteers, and distribute the PEN.

Time Commitment: varies, about 15 hours a month

PEN Distribution

Description: Bring packages of the Peace & Environment News to libraries, businesses, etc throughout the city for distribution. Research places willing to carry the PEN.

Time Commitment: a few hours every three months

Board Members

The Peace and Environment Resource Centre does an annual call for applications to participate on the Board of Directors.  Board Members must display a commitment to the mission and mandate of the PERC, be prepared to serve in a voluntary leadership capacity, and must be elected by the membership. Skills, experience, and interest we look for include financial and administrative experience, journalism and communications expertise and/or education, and event management and volunteer coordination interest.

Time commitment: Approximately 2-5 hours per month for meetings, committees, and support.

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